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Parramatta Seventh-day Adventist Church

Parramatta Seventh Day Adventist Church

“The Parramatta Church, although not containing the first congregation in Australia, was the first Adventist church built on mainland Australia, completed and dedicated in December the 10th, 1892. It soon became pivotal to the development and growth of the Adventist work both in Sydney and in New South Wales. “

On February the 10th, 1984, after a fire had destroyed the original church hall located in Charles Street Parramatta. A plan was made to relocate to it’s now current location 77-81 Hammers Road, Northmead, NSW 2152. 

The official opening for our now beloved church took place on May the 14th, 1988 and where we gather to worship God weekly. 

Parramatta Adventist Church, 1992

Join us each Saturday 9:30am or 11am, see you soon. 

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